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Our Business:

Architecture And Construction

Wandeegroup Asia Co., Ltd. is a full service architecture and construction firm located in Pattaya and has been in operation as Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co., Ltd. since 2004. The founder is Mario Kleff.

Services include concept, pre design, schematic design and design development, planning, permitting, scale model production, CGI and animation, construction management, supervision and full service construction of up to 12 floors and 10.000 sqm per building.

Numerous outstanding projects have been designed and built in recent years, including skyscrapers and tall buildings, resorts, hotels, 8-storey condominium blocks, department stores, and pool and mountain villas.

Architect Mario Kleff has been personally involved in the design and engineering of over 150 buildings. These include international projects located in the USA , Dubai, Laos and South Africa. Now permanently resident in Thailand, Mario has created low-rise and high-rise condominium developments, resorts, and modern-style villas across the country. Each and every project reflects his minimalistic thinking and design style.

Mario has transformed many developments into architectural icons, highly recognized and admired by the public. Celebrity status has been achieved through avant-garde novelty at a time when this is fashionable. To quote a well known developer, “A leading development requires a leading designer, and in the peerless Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup there can be no finer selection”. 

The fast growing Wandeegroup has proven its ability to develop strong sustainable business solutions with their knowledge and expertise since their arrival. Today, the company is one of the leading providers in the planning and construction industry in Pattaya. This shows the fact that the Wandeegroup has submitted the most project planning proposals to the Pattaya City Hall Department since 2009. In addition, the company has introduced several Super PCs designed by Mario Kleff himself, which greatly improve the production of 3D renderings and improve the accuracy and speed of engineering calculations.

Real Estate

Wandee Real Estate and Services Co., Ltd. has been in operation since of 2003. The founder is Nittaya Wongsin.

The roots of this company go deep into the local Chonburi and Pattaya communities as well as into government relations. Services include real estate analysis, strategy and consulting, project development, investment management, marketing and sales. Legal advice comes as a bonus.


Summary and achievements

The company’s Real Estate agents are highly experienced in arranging and finalizing deals on appropriate land plots, whilst our architects and engineers create the master plans and provide all the required drawings to meet the needs for necessary permits. Finally, our in-house design team prepares high quality presentation material to help ensure that project sales are speedy, and investments realized with maximum returns.

The Wandeegroup is the innovative driving force behind projects with extreme constructions such as steel girder construction, post-tensioning reinforcement and modular structuring. We offer a complete construction service up to the key phase. Our full-time employees in-house include experienced civil engineers, system engineers, electricians, foremen, builders, welders and construction site inspectors.

The Wandeegroup produced Thailand's first and largest I-beam together with ultra-flat wide-flange beams. We are currently working on several condos and private villas with a span of more than 30 meters between columns.

The Wandeegroup introduced the cellular beam to Thailand and built the first residential complex with cellular structure and floating concrete deck, the Park Royal 2 on Phra Tamnak Hill.

The Wandeegroup possesses a deep seated passion for detailed, planned architectural solutions. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and innovative designs by providing first class renderings, in a variety of scales, to help bring reality and understanding to the project.

Reputation precedes the Wandeegroup

The Wandeegroup has designed more than 150 residential properties and issued building permits for condominiums as well as OR6 and associated environmental licenses for low-rise and high-rise buildings. Despite the company's great success, the architect and designer Mario Kleff remains a pleasant and uncompromising person. He is very special about his work “I do what I want and don't do what I don't” and his construction company with over 100 employees on the payroll and his own achievements, including “Star Architect” accreditation and Thai citizenship, Wandeegroup is well positioned for further success in the future ...

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