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Our Business Line:

Architecture And Construction

Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is an esteemed architecture and construction company based in Pattaya, operating since 2004 under the name Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Under the visionary leadership of founder and CEO, Mario Kleff, the company has established a strong footprint in the industry.


  • Comprehensive architectural solutions including concept, pre-design, schematic design, design development, planning, and permitting
  • Scale model, production, 3D/CGI and animation
  • Construction management, supervision, and construction services for buildings up to 12 floors or 10,000 sqm

In recent years, we've been proud to design remarkable projects such as the Wong Amat Tower and The Touch®, resorts, hotels, eight-story apartment blocks, department stores, and luxury villas.

Mario Kleff has designed over 150 buildings worldwide, including in Thailand, the USA, Dubai, Laos, and South Africa. However, it's notable that while these international projects progressed to the design phase, construction did not commence. A notable example is the redesign of the Thakhek Dream World City development in Laos, originally conceived by Somjith Aliyaphaphonein of Akane Development Lao SEZ Co Ltd in 2015, Mario Kleff and Dr. Songkiat Matuyapont to redesign the project in 2018.

Despite these setbacks, Mario's commitment to innovative and minimalist architectural design remains unwavering. Kleff's Bauhaus design South Beach Boutique Chic was unveiled on 17 May 2012 and recognized as the Best Boutique Condo Development on the Eastern Seaboard at the 2012 Thailand Property Awards.

Now a proud citizen of Thailand, his creations within the country encompass a vast range of structures that serve as a testament to his unique vision.

Mario’s avant-garde designs have gained significant recognition, solidifying his reputation as a trendsetter. As a prominent developer from Pattaya put it, A leading development requires a leading designer, and in the peerless CEO Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup there can be no finer selection, Haim Bar-David.

Since 2009, Wandeegroup has consistently taken the lead in submitting project planning proposals to Pattaya's Construction Department. In recognition of his dedication and expertise in architectural design, Mario Kleff was distinguished in 2010 with a Letter of Recommendation for a PhD by Pichet Uthaiwattananonta, the Head of the Construction Department at Pattaya City-Hall. This accolade underscores our unwavering commitment to architectural excellence.


Further showcasing our dedication to pioneering advancements, Wandeegroup has been at the forefront of adopting cluster PCs, which significantly boosts the quality of 3D renderings and sharpens the accuracy of construction calculations.

Real Estate Division

Wandee Real Estate & Services Co Ltd has been serving since 2003, founded by Nittaya Wongsin. This branch of our enterprise has deep ties to Chon Buri, Pattaya, and has strong governmental affiliations.

We offer real estate consulting, development, investment management, marketing, sales, and legal counsel.

Achievements and Innovations

Our real estate agents excel in property deals, while our architectural teams are proficient in crafting master plans and necessary permit drawings. We pride ourselves on providing stellar presentation materials to expedite sales and optimize investment returns.

Wandeegroup has been a pioneer in introducing extreme construction techniques like long steel girder construction, modular structuring, and more. We were the first to introduce large steel girder structures with ultra-flat concrete slabs in Pattaya.

In 2007, our innovation was again evident when we introduced Pattaya to the cellular beam, leading the construction of the first residential building - Park Royal 2 Condo - with this technologyin Thailand.

At Wandeegroup, our drive is rooted in a passion for inventive construction solutions. Our focus remains on delivering outstanding, innovative designs, supplemented by high-quality renderings and scale models.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We've provided designs for over 150 residential properties and secured various licenses for diverse building types.

Despite these successes, Mario Kleff remains grounded, adhering to his philosophy of authenticity and dedication. With over 100 dedicated employees, Wandeegroup is poised for continued growth and success.

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